Notice : Admission going on for the session 2023-24...... NEBOSH-IGC  STUDY CENTRE DURGAUR - Registration going on.
Admission Going on 2023-2024 for One Year Advanced Diploma In Industrial Safety Course

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From the Desk of Principal :

Durgapur Society For Safety and Professional Education established in the year 1998 September under due Society registration of Govt. of West Bengal. This Institute is affiliated to West Bengal State Council of Technical & Vocational Education and Skill Development [ A Statutory Body under West Bengal Act XXVI of 2013] (Formerly known as West Bengal State Council of Technical Education ) and The Institute is Member of National Safety Council ( NSC ) Mumbai.
These days the demand of technical education is growing more & more. The aspirants are sensibly paving their way to a secured and prospective future for which they prefer mostly job oriented course that too, a short duration course. Many organization comes into existence over the years in Durgapur - West Bengal. Now this the time to catch the momentum to come out in resilience with current trends. At the prime need of present situation, Durgapur Society For Safety and Professional Education is set up at the main location of Durgapur in West Bengal with well-managed governing bodies Comprising Chair man, Secretary, Directors, Administrative officers, Executive Bodies other than Principal (Academic Head), Facilities and field Instructors. The management of the institute has framed up statutory rules and regulation to which the wholesome of administrative measures do abide by. Discipline often lead to progress and helps us achieve the goal. The institute is designed in an attempt to cater to the need of safety Personnel in industry and corporate sectors in and out of the state. It is not only in a local or domain based context but also in the global arena. Since there is a need of more number of safety personal in industrial fields, the institute regulates admission procedurals to saturate allotted number of 40 seats respectively. Every year the number of trained safety personnel are released from this institute in compliance with required services of industries and companies, which are proud patrons in. 
Dr. N.C. Bhattacharjee 

Dr. N.C. Bhattacharjee

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Mr. Pradip Kumar Das

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