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Admission Going on 2023-2024 for One Year Advanced Diploma In Industrial Safety Course

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Globalization and liberalisation are changing the world around us at a frenzied speed. Indian Industries have been caught in this vortext of changes and have been exposed to unprecedented competition. It has now become incumbent upon them to raise the existing standards and meet new standards to face the current challenge.

Three apparently desparate but intrinsically interrelated issues are emerging as crucial to the question of survival and development. These are environment, Safety and cost control.

It is no more enough to ensure product quality . The process quality has become a new norm. Safety is no more just a statutory obligation. The very economics of production now demands it, because the cost control in ultimate analysis has become an exercise in loss control.

During the last 25 years, industrial activity in India has grown by leaves and bounds. We now have about a lac and half factories registered under the Factories Act 1948. These factories employee over 60 lac workers. In the wake of industrialization, new hazards incidental to the new plant and the processes have to be faced by workers. The management of the factories is required to take step to control the hazards and have to ensure that their employees are not adversely affected.

Several progressive employers have delegated this responsibility to specially employed officers variously designated as safety and security officers, safety and training officers and risk managers. Durgapur Society For Safety and Professional Education was innogurated in 1998 to bring such personnel together safety with a view to promote competency and efficiency among the professional taking to industrial safety function in the growing industries. Institution offers the sevices of its members to industries by organising Plant Safety Audits, Preparation of Safety Policy, On Site Emergency Plan, carring our Risk Analysis, Safety Training Programmes and practical instructions in Fire Fighting for factory personal at all levels.

Institution has been affiliated to the West Bengal State council of technical education and vocational training and skill development. Institution conduct classes for the advance diploma in industrial safety. On completion of the classes the Student of the institution appear at examination held by the West Bengal State council of technical education and vocational training and skill development in August September and February March in One Year.