Notice : Admission going on for the session 2023-24...... NEBOSH-IGC  STUDY CENTRE DURGAUR - Registration going on.
Admission Going on 2023-2024 for One Year Advanced Diploma In Industrial Safety Course

Board Of Management

  Name Occupation Contacts  
Chairman Mr. Pradip Kumar. Das
Vice Chairman, National Safety Council Of India ( W.B. Chapter)
Member, Joint Committee on Safety Health & Environment in the Steel Industry
0343-2537310 (R)
9434530400 (M)

Sajal Kanti Sengupta

Amalendu Mohanti

Ex. Dy. General Manager, DSP, Sail

Ex. Cheif Safety H.F.C.L

92333 02037 (M)

94342 70825 (M)

Secretary cum Principal Dr. Nripesh Chandra Bhattacharjee
Ex Head Of Deptt. OHS and Sr.Dy Director SAIL/ DSP(Medical) . 98008 47008 (M)

Directorate Of Institute Development Affairs

  Name Occupation Contacts  
Director Mr. A.K. Sengupta
99320 02118 (M)
Dy.Director Mr. Manoj Chakraborty
Ex. DSPSEC, DCAC 99323 50188 (M)

Directorate Of Courses & Curriculums

  Name Occupation Contacts  
Cum Course Co-ordinator
Mr. Sajal Kanti Sengupta
B.E. Diploma-in-Market and Dip . in Industrial Safty
Ex. Dy. General Manager
D.S.P. Sail
92333 02037 (M)
Dy.Director Mr. A.K. Sengupta
Ex. DGM. CHRD. DSP 99320 02118 (M)
Dy.Director Mr. A.K.Tewary DGM SED, DSP Safety & Fire Services, DSP , SAIL 94347 92039 (M)

Directorate Of Placement & Employment Assistance Service

  Name Occupation Contacts  
Director Mr. Amalendu Mohanti Ex.Ex-Chief of Safety HFCL
94342 70825 (M)
Dy.Director Mr. H Ghatak
Ex- Cheif Safety Officer Durgapur Cement Ltd. 89003 12092 (M)
Dy.Director Mr. A.B. Adhikari
Mr. Golam Mowla
Office Incharge, DSSPE
94347 92039 (M)
99329 17313 / 76995 87686 (M)

Directorate Of Finance & Accounts

  Name Occupation Contacts  
Director Mr. S.N. DasGupta
Ex. Chairman of Durgapur
Peoples Co-Operative Bank.
99344 2383 (M)
Dy.Director Mr. Achin Guha
Mr. Golam Mowla
Ex - Sr. Officer (F)DSP
Office Incharge, DSSPE
2567683 / 89003 11365 (M)
99329 17313 / 76995 87686 (M)  

Directorate Of Press, Publicity & Public Relation

  Name Occupation Contacts  
Director Mr. T. S. Mahapatra AGM (OHS) , DSP 94347 92503 (M)
Dy.Director Mr. Animesh Chakraborty
Ex. Manager (P.R.O) , DSP 2570101 

Office Administration

  Name   Contacts  
Principal Dr. N.C. Bhattacharjee Ex Dy Director SAIL/ DSP(Medical) . 0343-2600957
98008 47008 (M)
Course.Director Mr. S.K. Sengupta   99333 02037 (M)
Finance Head Mr. S.N.Dasgupta   99324 42383 (M)
Off. In Charge Mr. Golam Mowla   99329 17313 / 76995 87686 (M)
Off. In Charge Mr. Biswajit Bhattacharya   91267 62909 (M)